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Puma X ALife Collaboration Drop Two

April 29, 2015 Andy Cowell - No Comments

Finally, after what feels like forever since drop one back at the beginning of February this year, comes part two of the much anticipated Puma x ALife collaboration. This top tier cream release drops this Saturday 2nd May at Attitude and features my three absolute favourite Puma models: The Blaze Of Glory, Disc, and R698.

Puma x ALife Trinomic drop 2

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the ALife store in New York, you’ll know they have a piranha tank in the hallway. The guys who create the dioramas for the Natural History Museum actually made it especially for the store, and it’s the first thing you notice when you walk in. ALife wanted to pay tribute to that tank, and the space that it has created, so they played with the colours and expanded on it, with this super dope Trinomic Disc shoe and the matching apparel line.

The ALife Sessions help make ALife who they are and they’ve been throwing these intimate parties in their courtyard for eight or nine years now. The leather on the upper of this shoe is basically an emulation of the textured leathers you see on the Marshall amps they use in their sound system, while the mesh represents that old amplifier. The blue, yellow and red highlights on the midsole not only resemble audio cables, they are also symbolic of the colours used on all the original ALife Sessions shirts. Those colours give this sneaker that extra pop to make them really stand out!

Puma x ALife SS15 Footwear

Finally, the R698. A little history lesson: The ALife stickers are literally all over New York and have been for the last fifteen years. The pattern on these sneakers is indicative of that sticker culture, a look that they felt was very ALife – that sticker really is everywhere! So they’ve played into the heritage of the ALife logo and the ALife branding, both of which have become somewhat iconic over the years.

Puma x ALife S15 R698

To grab some heat from this sick collection get on the web store at 00:01 this Saturday morning or when the doors open at the Colchester store at 9:30am.

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Author: Andy Cowell

Author: Andy Cowell

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