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May 21, 2015 Dom - No Comments

New Balance Numeric is killing it!

Sunland is the latest video showcasing Numeric’s team and this new glimpse into their guys is all that you will need to want to skate with a pair of their range.

Staying proud to their roots, this short and sweet clip starts out with somebody running. This nod to what New Balance has always offered is a bold step. Being proud of what they do and not shying away or pretending to be something they’re not is a nice touch. They aren’t a running shoe company; they aren’t a Skateboard brand, yet they are a footwear company for all sporting and style occasions with a strong history in the sneaker game to back them.

Sunland is beautifully filmed. Appearing to be a one-take affair (which in skateboarding is always a treat and hard to pull off well) it has a crisp visual flair and a well choreographed and timed mini-section of their stellar team.

Talking about visually appealing edits…

New Balance Numeric also recently dropped their VX4000 edit online. This slightly longer exposure of the team doing what they do best is a treat. Their team is great, with the likes of Marquise Henry, who hasn’t left my radar since DGK’s Blood Money video back in July last year and a great selection of skaters such as Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Tom Knox, Jack Curtin and more all doing their thing on the most gnarly to sweet spots is great. I also loved the chance to see some recent PJ Ladd footage, he’s one of my all time favourite skaters and we haven’t seen a lot of him lately. Although, the video is short, it’s still pretty sweet and offers a glimpse into what a strong, diverse team New Balance have created for themselves.

Also as a side note to the video, the look of being shot in a 4:3 ratio in HD is great and perhaps shows a new avenue for filming in skateboarding. HD video with a popular VX camera style must tick all the boxes, right? Paired with a perfect accompanying soundtrack, you can see the care that New Balance is putting into their work.

Being honest, when I first heard of New Balance launching a skateboarding range I had my reservations. But seeing the strength of their product and their team, I believe they have cemented themselves as a legitimate skateboard brand. Seeing what New Balance Numeric have offered with their latest collection, they’re quickly becoming a favourite. The quality is better than ever and the latest colour-ways are on point.

A couple of key styles in their range for us here at Attitude are the Stratford 533 in a cool grey with yellow-gold accents.


And the Logan 637 in a unique black, green and burgundy.


Author: Dom

Author: Dom

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