Adidas – Respect Your Roots

June 7, 2015 Dom - No Comments

Adidas are back to finish what they started with the release of the final two shoe releases for their ‘Respect Your Roots’ pack. The pack kicked off with it’s first drop of shoes back in April has consisted of four variants of their undeniable classic, the Superstar (also known as the shell-toe) and each shoe has featured a classic world-renowned skateboarder, starting with Kareem Campbell and Richard Angelides and now finishing with Drake Jones and Joey Bast. All of the skaters were known for rocking Superstars back in the day when they were doing their thing and the ‘respect your roots’ pack has now immortalized them for doing so in the most stylish way possible.


The second and final part of the drop featuring Drake and Bast has just launched online and hit the shelves of our store and are selling fast, so get involved before it’s too late. Seriously. What are you waiting for? These things are amazing!

The Bast features contrasting white and black with a black shell toe, click the image to shop below:


The Drake is in a subtle black with white accents, click the image to shop below:


Author: Dom

Author: Dom

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