Vans Rowley ‘Built Strong’ Collection

June 25, 2015 Andy Cowell - No Comments

Geoff Rowley, the gnarly, balls-to-the-walls Liverpudlian pro skater, has just dropped a new Signature Collection with Vans. If you’ve seen Geoff skate (and if you haven’t then give yourself a slap and go watch Van’s epic ‘Propeller’ video), then you know he never gives up, throwing everything he has at nailing a trick. As you can imagine his gear (as well as his body) takes a serious beating on a day-to-day basis. That’s why his Signature Collection has been designed not just with style, but high durability in mind.



The highlight of his Signature Collection is his brand new model of shoe – the [Rowley] Solos.

Here’s what the man has to say about his new collection.


The Vans Rowley ‘Built Strong’ Collection is available in-store and online now! Check it out right here


Author: Andy Cowell

Author: Andy Cowell

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