The Best of the NYC Streetwear Scene

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New York is overflowing with insightful style and culture. The hub of high fashion, skateboarding, art, and music, it’s not hard to see why so many designers find inspiration for their clothing in the city. Many of the best streetwear brands were born from the energy of New York.

10 Deep
A cornerstone streetwear brand for nearly two decades, 10 Deep expresses a strong message of individuality channelled from their motto: ‘forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.’


Established in 1995, by New York native Scott Stasso, the brand was inspired by the vibrant energies of music, skate, and graffiti subcultures, to create a strong identity that still remains relevant.

The 10 Deep community has championed notable artists throughout the years, such as A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Ludacris, Kid Cudi and Wale. Today, the brand continues to run through the veins of streetwear culture, with on point releases of flawless garments including baseball jerseys, sweatshirts, snapbacks, tank tops and more.

Founded in 2014, Honey Brand Co. is a sweet new arrival on the streetwear scene. Brainchild of Keelan Dadd, Aramis Hudson, Hayden Kelly and Steven Fernandez, this brand is already massive with skaters, featuring a diverse collection of creative pieces that capture the essence of street and skate culture.


Honey are already offering some on point designs with graphic prints, bold t-shirts, coach jackets and sweet headwear all featuring in the first collection.

Founded by Jeff Staple in 1997, iconic brand Staple first hit the scene as a small handmade t-shirt line. Taking the city by storm, it developed organically, gaining more than enough exposure to become one of NYC’s finest streetwear brands.


Nike once hired Jeff to design a dynamic trainer to represent New York City, leading to the creation of the well established Pigeon icon, which was branded on the  heels of 150 pairs of Dunk Pro SB in a bid to reflect the gritty and reckless energy of city dwellers. The Pigeon symbol continues to represent this vibe as well as influencing the brand’s clothing collections.

Worn by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Lebron James, B.o.B, and members of the Wu-tang Clan, Staple has earned a huge celebrity following which even includes collabs with Mike Tyson. The brand has stayed strong by sticking to its streetwear roots with an extensive range of graphic tees, tank tops, varsity-style jackets, and caps.

Mighty Healthy
Taking inspiration from the New York scene, music, pop culture, and skateboarding, the Mighty Healthy founders, Ray Mate and Denis Iderman invented a brand that reflects self-expression of the urban playground lifestyle, an era of good times, and the courage to be different.


Sticking to these original ideas has kept the brand relevant, appealing to skaters all over the world, as well as a whole host of professionals from Pete Eldridge to Danny Montoya.

A passion for New York skate culture is exactly what inspired Huynh to launch his fashion brand UXA in 2000. With its roots deeply embedded in the NYC scene, the brand has enjoyed collaborations with huge streetwear brands Diamond, HUF, converse, and Stance, to name a few.

UXA 33rd Street Tee White

In more recent years, Huynh has expanded UXA’s reach beyond homegrown clothing, describing the brand as “a state of mind, a subculture, a whole new country” as he takes on other creative endeavors to tackle other areas of the city’s culture such as writing and directing short film “The Chase”, in collaboration with skateboarder Eli Reed.

Raw downtown city culture inspired a team of designers to launch the Alife streetwear brand in 1999. Aiming to capture the amalgam of spirit in the city, Alife has set a new standard in street culture.


This creative lifestyle movement is well known for its innovative retail concepts, top-tier collabs, and live music events, playing host to the likes of Moby, Drake, and Ghostface Killah. The apparel they produce sets out to embody all city movements, along with a belief in living life at the top of the game.

After Midnight
AM After Midnight comes from creative mind, Akira Mowatt, a bona fide street skater from Manhattan, original member of Supreme Team, and rider for Vehicle Skateboards and Zoo York. Due to Mowatt’s popularity and reputation, the brand hit the ground running, appealing to skate and streetwear fans all over the world.


Uniting all cliques and subcultures across the city, After Midnight captures the experiences and culture of the streets from the Lower East Side to Harlem. The brand delivers contemporary apparel that can be worn when skateboarding, and also when hitting the streets and clubs at night.

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Author: Dom

Author: Dom

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