Celebrating World Beard Day

September 3, 2015 Andy Cowell - No Comments

World Beard Day is held internationally each year on the first Saturday of September. On this day, bearded folk around the globe unite in celebration of their facial fuzz.

The day aims to take bearding to many extremes, encouraging activities and events that celebrate styles of all shapes and sizes.

With more than 55% of the world’s male population currently sporting facial hair, World Beard Day is set to be a big deal this year. We’re kickstarting things with some hair-raising facts and awesome products to keep your bristles in check.

  • Dry beard hair can grow as strong as copper wire, which is probably why the longest growing beard ever recorded measured an extraordinary 1.83m (6ft) from chin to tip.

To keep your facial hair regenerated and improve its elasticity and growth, check out Bear Face oils which work to reduce protein loss as well as offering a protective layer that works wonders for problematic skin.


  • It is thought that the average man spends around four and a half months of his life shaving his facial hair – that’s equivalent to 139 days!

Luckily, Suavecito have got you covered for those dreaded days with a rich pomade crème that prepares the beard for a gentle and pleasant close shave.


  • Scientists believe that growing a beard can offer numerous health benefits from protecting against harmful UV rays to filtering out allergens and even preventing facial injuries.

For these reasons, your beard deserves to be rewarded with a nourishing butter to leave the hair soft, non-greasy and capable of holding a light style. Try Fellows beard butter to replace essential moisture.


  • Throughout history, several beard taxes have been introduced to society. Some which associated facial hair growth with power, privilege and wealth, others which linked it to laziness and criminality.

If you want to emulate the look of a villain without going full-on beardy, why not sport a spiffing tasche instead? The Fellow’s Moustache Wax is a great product to help you wear your tasche with pride – and it will help you get some practice in ahead of Movember!


  • Touching another man’s beard was considered an extremely offensive act in the Middle Ages, if an individual’s beard fell victim to this, then the owner had the right to challenge the offender to a duel.

If you like the idea of other people touching your beard, make sure it’s smelling fresh with Mr. Bear Family beard balm – this product also helps to reshape and sculpt your beard after it’s been roughed up. Whether or not you challenge them to a duel afterwards is up to you.


  • In Ancient Egypt, beards were seen as sovereignty symbols. High-status people decorated their hairs by plaiting them with metallic threads or dyes and some even wore false metal beards.  

For modern day inspiration, check out this Instagram account.



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Author: Andy Cowell

Author: Andy Cowell

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