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October 13, 2015 Dom - No Comments

Here at Attitude Inc we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the drop of a new skate brand – Doom Sayers Club.

The brand was started by skate legend Omar Salazar who set out with the intention to give something back to skateboarding. The Doom Sayers Club ethos encourages a positive mentality and outlook not only on skateboarding – but on life – not to shy away from a challenge, and to always push yourself regardless of naysayers.

These ideals are reflected in their clothing with the iconic ‘snake shake’ illustration – a handshake with a snake head on the thumb of one hand, which was designed by Omar to symbolise his personal experiences with teachers, parents and bosses that doubted him and fuelled him to keep pushing forwards.  As a skater, Doom Sayers perfectly encapsulate my idea of what skateboarding should be all about.

Staying true to their skate heritage, Doom Sayers recently collaborated with Independent, bringing everything from trucks to bandanas. The whole range was a perfect combination of minimalistic iconography keeping the same theme throughout, making it a collaboration well worth owning.

Independent Doomsayers trucks \

We are stocking pieces from their recent collaboration with Knowledge clothing brand, which comprises of a classically simple gilet with a vertical logo, and a print lining with that ever-so-important sneaky beer pocket (well, that’s what I’m using it for),  a mid-weight garage jacket with the snake shake logo stitched on the back, and to complete the look, the retro trucker hat.

Doomsayers x Knowledge collab consisting of trucker hat, gilet and raglan t-shirt

As well as the collab with Knowledge, we’re also stocking the line of tees and hoodies from Doom Sayers. Amongst the staff here at Attitude Inc, we’ve chosen the Doom Sayers Charcoal Grey Pocket Tee as our top pick from the collection. This is a firm favourite for all of us – the classic logo above the pocket keeps it simple on the front, with a bright yellow and black print on the back that sets this tee apart from the others. You can rest easy though, as Doom Sayers won’t be leaving us anytime soon – so you can be sure to grab yourself some items and become a part of the Doom Sayers Club.

Doomsayers charcoal pocket tee

While you’re here, be sure to check out this short clip of Doom Sayers Backyard Sessions featuring Omar shredding a abandoned half pipe.

And if you still want to find out more, have a watch of this interview of Omar speaking about what the brand means to him, and the story behind it.

Author: Dom

Author: Dom

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