HUF Fall ’16 is an Eclectic Mix of Menswear Goodness

August 6, 2016 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

HUF is back for Fall 2016 with a characteristically strong collection. Consisting of numerous hats, hoods, tees, accessories and more, the collection draws influences from military, sport, skating and collegiate apparel, and the end result is a functional, stylish collection ready-made for the street.


As is usually the case with HUF’s seasonal collections, a collaboration features very prominently. This time around, it has tapped Chocolate Skateboards, with Keith Hufnagel and Keenan Milton having been good friends for many years before the latter’s untimely passing. Adorned the “Forever” collection in memory of Keenan, the collection is very minimal, featuring the trademark Chocolate red square with HUF text substituted in. This graphic is placed onto black and white t-shirts and hats, pictured above, and also a grey hoodie. Overall, very nice pieces that pay tribute to a legend of skateboarding.


Seeing as we’ll soon be transitioning into the colder months, HUF has equipped its Fall collection with two very techy and very stylish jackets that’ll protect you from the rain. Pictured on the left above is the Adapt Packable Anorak, in Grey/Concrete Print. The jacket features a combined zip and button-up closure, a large front pocket along with side pockets, and reflective HUF branding on the left chest and back. Naturally, it is also fully waterproof and lightweight, making it perfect for the unpredictable months ahead. A standout piece in the new collection, this jacket attracts attention for all the right reasons! On the above-right is the Standard Shell Jacket, a much more toned-down option compared to the Anorak as it comes in solid black. Featuring taped seams, perfect for keeping rain out, and reflective HUF branding on the front and back, this jacket both looks and performs fantastically.


Two more items in the new collection that are ideal for the Fall are the hoodies. The Concrete Box Logo Pullover hoodie, pictured above on the left, comes in solid black with a contrasting grey concrete print, matching perfectly with the Anorak. The coherence in the pack (the concrete print runs throughout) means pieces can be put together very nicely! The hoodie comes in 100% cotton, and is very thick making it perfect for the colder weather approaching. The Concrete Triple Triangle hoodie on the left, coming in a glistening white with contrasting print on the back, is a great option for adding a bit of brightness to your Fall outfits which usually will be relatively muted. Two very solid options here, you can decide whether you want to tone it down or keep it bright this Fall!


T-shirts are a necessity no matter what season, so HUF has again produced a fair few. Channeling the collegiate influence behind the collection is the Reflective Bar Logo Raglan, on the above-right, which features reflective HUF branding on the chest and back just as the jackets do. A classic piece, everyone should own a raglan tee, the contrasting sleeves and torso make it a versatile piece that will complement many an outfit! A more simplistic option is the Concrete Demi-Script T-Shirt, a tried and tested logo from HUF, which is this time given the Concrete treatment. The grey and white work beautifully together, creating a clean tee that would look great with a minimal outfit. We’ve also seen the Concrete print grace Classic H and Box Logo HUF t-shirts this season, so no doubt there will be something for everyone!


Hats is something HUF consistently gets oh so right, particularly last season with the very on-trend 6 panel unconstructed hats in pastel shades with basic HUF logos. This season they’ve followed this formula again, with simple branding being traded out for a new graphic, named Juice. The quality and intricacy of the embroidery is second to none, and the deconstructed style of the hat means it will suit almost anyone! Coming in white, baby blue and black, these hats are solid, stylish options to tide you over into the Fall through the last of the decent summer weather.


HUF, like many skate brands, is a huge fan of its accessories, and regularly its accessories are the best pieces in its seasonal collections. The same could certainly be argued again this time around, as we see the fabled Plantlife socks make a return to form in a wide range of colours. Featuring the trademark weed leaf all-over print, solid colour-ups like the white/red/blue iteration above, and premium quality due to the 60% cotton construction and double layered toe and heel areas, these socks are perfect for all seasons let alone just Fall. As for outlandish accessories, this season HUF has blessed us with a Crushed Can Doorstopper pictured above, a bullet-shaped bottle opener, matchstick holder, Plantlife air fresheners and brewing system. Any wacky necessities you might have? HUF is the brand you need!

All of the items pictured above, and many more, are available both online and in-store here at Attitude Inc. right now. Grab yourself a piece of this stylish goodness before its gone!


Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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