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We recently had Cyril – Jason Markk’s Sneaker Care Technician – come down to the store to show us how to use Jason Markk cleaning products to the best effect and provide some information about the brand. Its important to understand the best way to use them so that the rewards can be fully reaped, and they must be good products; there’s a reason the brand is a regular at NikeTown London and at the Crepe City Events!

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A good point to start at is the history of the brand. It was started by Jason Markk himself back in 2007, a massive sneakerhead who used home remedies to clean his favourite kicks. He started to think there may be a gap in the market thanks to his research with other sneakerheads and his findings that nobody was using a dedicated sneaker cleaning brand to restore their shoes. Eventually he decided to really go for it, and organised meetings with chemists to try and cook something up. Only one chemist truly understood what Jason was after, and after painstaking amounts of research and development the two created a solution that they were happy with. The rest really is history. Nowadays we know Jason Markk as the go-to sneaker care brand stocked in hundreds of stores worldwide.

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The main thing that sets Jason Markk apart from most other sneaker care brands is its focus on creating biodegradable, environmentally-friendly products. The Repel spray, for example, is completely odourless and water-based, providing a mist when sprayed which makes it very easy to use. The Shoe Cleaning Solution is water-based and 98.3% natural, again very environmentally-friendly and safe to use on just about any material you’ll find on a shoe. High quality materials are sourced for all of its brushes too, to make them very non-abrasive on your shoes and also very long lasting, so its easy to see why Jason Markk is so trusted.


Cyril showed us how to use the different brushes and the premium towel on different materials to good effect. The Towel (on the left above) is best used on leathers and such, working well with a small amount of Shoe Cleaner Solution to lift dirt out and away from the upper whilst also reducing the chances of dirt damaging your shoes in the future. The Standard Brush (on the right above) is useful for a variety of materials, particularly coming in to its element when used on midsoles and outsoles because its synthetic fibres are very tough. The Premium Brush (on the left below) is great for use on higher quality, more delicate materials like suedes and cotton canvases, because it features hog’s hair bristles and can remove deep-set dirt and dust in the upper when it is twisted and turned. The fluffy, soft nature of some suedes can be retained by going over the suede with a dry Premium Brush once you have cleaned it, something that many other shoe cleaning solutions wouldn’t allow for.


A newer item in the range is the Eraser (on the right above), which is essentially a piece of crepe, akin to the sole of a Clarks Wallabee. It can be used just as you would an eraser at school, to rub marks off of the upper or midsole of a shoe (it is particularly good for scuffs on TPU plastics also, like that found on the heel of Diadora models including the N9000). Cyril demonstrated how a glue mark on mesh can easily be loosened and removed from the upper using the eraser, so its a versatile tool that will save you having to break out the whole cleaning set sometimes. Also, the designated Suede Brush (also on the right above) sold by Jason Markk is recommended when dry cleaning suede, because its bristles and handle let you physically twist and lift dirt of out of the suede hairs to get a cleaner shoe overall.

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The Jason Mark Repel spray (being applied on the right above, and its water preventing effects displayed on the left above) is one of the brand’s most popular products. It makes sense to reduce the dirt and damage your shoes can experience by using the spray, because it saves you the hassle of having to frequently give them a rigorous clean. Cyril advises you to apply a couple of coats, with half an hour or so in between, then letting them dry for 24 hours before doing the same again. After another 24 hours, the coating will have been fully absorbed, and will not change the properties of the shoe at all. He acknowledged that it takes a longer time to use than products offered by other brands, but as he said, your patience is rewarded because the shoe will not be damaged at all.

More information on how to safely and correctly use Jason Markk cleaning products is available on the brand’s Youtube channel. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to gain the most from Jason Markk products.

The acclaimed products we’ve covered above are stocked both online and in-store here at Attitude Inc., a variety of which you can choose from to keep your kicks looking box fresh, which you can shop here.

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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