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HUF and Thrasher Bring the Fire with Tour De Stoops

November 16, 2016 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

HUF and Thrasher collaborations are fast becoming a highlight of each year in the skateboarding world; there’s a level of synergy between the two skating legends that cannot be matched by either of them working alone. For AW16 the brands have created a vast collection inspired by the Tour De France, titled “Tour De Stoops”, which channels elements of skating, lifestyle and cycling and has resulted in one of the most eclectically exquisite collections we’ve seen so far this season. We’re going to be getting a variety of great pieces from the collection very soon, so let’s run through them!

Thrasher anorak mintThrasher coaches black

The outerwear options are arguably the strongest items in the new collection. In typical skateboarding style, a pullover jacket and coach jacket are the chosen templates for HUF and Thrasher to work with. On the left above, we have the TDS Packable Anorak in Mint, a colour that reappears throughout the new collection. It has been crafted from polyester, making it incredibly resistant to both rain and wind, so very ideal for the British winter! The fit of the jacket is on point thanks to the inclusion of adjustable cuffs at the wrists and a toggle at the hood, both of which you can tweak to your own preference. The half-zip design, bolstered by a storm flap to increase wind and rain resistance even further, allows for the inclusion of a large front pocket, which the jacket can be packed into to make it easier to carry. Finally, dual HUF and Thrasher branding features on the chest and sleeves in a white applique, very high in quality so you won’t have to worry about it fading or tearing.

If that jacket is a bit too bright for you, the TDS Coach Jacket in Black (on the right above) might be more to your taste. It features a 100% nylon construction, which creates an exterior that will stand up well against the wind and rain and an interior lining that is soft and comfortable. The globe-style logo featuring Thrasher and HUF Worldwide branding, a focal point of the new collection, features on the back of the jacket, screen printed in white to contrast strongly against the black backdrop without looking garish. A subtle blue/white/red tab features at the back of the collar of the jacket, indicating the Tour De France inspiration, and on the chest we see a HUF H logo inside a globe with Thrasher flames running along it. Overall, a very understated jacket that serves as a highlight of the whole collaboration.

Thrasher hoodie black Thrasher LS tee black

Moving down some layers, one hoodie and one long-sleeve t-shirt from the collection are going to be with us. On the left above we have the TDS Allover Hood in black, certainly an eye catching piece! The dual Thrasher/HUF Worldwide branding that we’ve become accustomed to has been wrapped around random areas of the hoodie and comes in a very large size, screen printed on to provide a real aggressive feel. The hoodie itself has been constructed from a custom fleece, making it incredibly soft and comfortable, and the fit is enhanced by the ribbed wrist and waist cuffs.

The long-sleeve t-shirt pictured on the right above is the TDS L/S Tee. Featuring a 100% cotton construction which makes it incredibly soft and comfortable, it is certainly suitable for long periods of skating. Branding is quite maximal again, with dual branding running down the sleeves, the H globe logo on the chest and the standard HUF tab at the waist, with all of it coming in white to contrast heavily with the black of the t-shirt. The neckline and wrist cuffs are ribbed to significantly improve both comfort and fit, and the long sleeves make this an ideal extra layer for the colder months.

thrasher-tds-6-panel_white_HT65M01_white_01_1024x1024 Thrasher hat black

The headwear offerings in the new collection are also very strong, with the globe logo being prioritised this time around. It graces a white six panel cap and black six panel cap, both pictured above, as well as a mint six panel cap and a black beanie. The six panel hats all feature a nylon construction, making them highly waterproof and windproof (you could pair the hat with one of the jackets to stay super dry this winter!) whilst also giving them a very unstructured style, so they will fit just about anyone. The logo comes in grey on all of the hats because it is fully reflective, who doesn’t love a bit of 3M? On the black beanie, the globe logo has been embroidered onto the front cuff, coming in red/white. Its quality is absolutely impeccable, and comfort is guaranteed thanks to the beanie being 100% acrylic.

thrasher-tds-socks-_-can_black_SK65M0_black_01_1024x1024 thrasher-water-bottle_black_AC65M05_black_01_1024x1024


We’ve come to expect some unique accessories from HUF/Thrasher collaborations (they’ve previously created a bar towel and nun-chucks!) so the combined can/sock pack and water bottle, pictured on the left and right above respectively, surprisingly weren’t a surprise! A pair of dual HUF/Thrasher-branded cotton poly spandex crew socks, with a blue/white/red stripe running around the top, come in the can, which is outlandish even by the standards previously set by the two brands. The water bottle is fitting seeing as the Tour De France is the main inspiration behind the collection, and is BPA free so you’re certainly getting what you pay for! The globe logo again features, with a blue/white/red trim wrapping around the bottle just under where the lid can be screwed off.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the best collections HUF and Thrasher have produced. The logos they’ve created, the items of clothing they’ve chosen, how they’ve incorporated the main inspiration, it’s all come together to produce something really spectacular.

HUF x Thrasher is now live on our website and in our Colchester store. You can shop the above items by clicking on each image, but don’t expect it to hang around for long though!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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