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Saucony Gets Messy with the “Dirty Snow” Pack

December 9, 2016 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

The Saucony GRID 9000 “Dirty Snow” was met with an incredible reception around this time last year, a sneaker that paid homage to the winters that regularly batter Boston in America, Saucony’s residence. This year, Saucony has again re-appropriated the bad weather into something great, producing a GRID 8000 CL and Shadow 6000 that follow the same “Dirty Snow” style as the GRID 9000 before them. Each has an additional twist, also, to make these some of the nicest sneakers we’ve seen from Saucony this year (no mean feat!)

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The first shoe in the pack is the GRID 8000, pictured above, which looks similar to the Desert version that released earlier this season thanks to the base construction of the shoe being a beige/almost grey Wolverine Silkee Suede. It is incredibly premium with a short-haired and soft nature, and features perforations all over to improve breathability. The “Dirty Snow” pattern comes in the form of a sturdy, canvas-like woven material, providing a very vivid and intricate pattern that contrasts nicely against the beige suede underlay. Grey details feature across the shoe, with grey and white rope laces, a grey mesh tongue, grey satin lining and a grey woven label on the tongue muting the shoe nicely. The Saucony logo on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe comes in a bold 3M, reflecting strongly to add a nice pop to the shoe, and that all sits atop a yellowed midsole and an icy translucent outsole.

“GRID” in the title of the shoe refers to the technology that sits in the heel of the shoe, visible in the translucent outsole, an abbreviation of Ground Reaction Intertia Device. The technology was developed by Saucony way back when, and consists of woven Hytrel filaments that work to absorb the impact experienced at the heel with each step and deflecting it throughout the midsole, to provide a more comfortable walking or running experience overall. It’s designed to work like a tennis racquet, increasing the surface area of an impact to minimise it overall – and it certainly contributes to the GRID 8000 being one of the most comfortable sneakers around at the moment.

1025_Dirty Snow FA_Shadow 6K-4749 1025_Dirty Snow FA_Shadow 6K-4737


The Shadow 6000, a model that predated the GRID 8000 by two years, features a similar style to the GRID 8000 above. An incredibly premium black Wolverine Silkee Suede forms the majority of the upper, featuring perforations all over to further enhance its premium feel. Overlaying the aforementioned are the “Dirty Snow” hits, again coming in a sturdy, canvas-like woven material that provides an intricate mixture of black, white and grey. The black/grey rope laces match the colourway perfectly, and the tongue has been kept in black to create a more cohesive colourway overall (and, being mesh, improves breathability). All of that sits atop a vintage-looking dull white midsole and an icy translucent outsole, the latter being the perfect subtle tribute to the winters that inspired the shoe.

The Shadow 6000 is one of Saucony’s most comfortable runners, thanks to a significant amount of EVA foam cushioning being packed into the midsole. It provides incredible protection against harsh impacts by absorbing them all through the midsole before they can reach the foot, letting you walk or run in the shoes in comfort for longer. The descending shape of the sole is also useful, providing a rolling sensation as you take off on the board of your foot with each step, so this sneaker really does function as good as it looks.

In very limited quantities, the GRID 8000 and Shadow 6000 “Dirty Snow” sneakers are releasing online at midnight tonight, and in our Colchester store tomorrow morning at 9:30AM. Do not expect them to hang about for long!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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