STANCE Socks x Star Wars Comes Bigger and Better Than Ever

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STANCE is by far and away the most renowned sock brand in our industry at the moment, stocked at the biggest and best streetwear, skate and sneaker retailers the world over. It’s transcended the industries it started out in, too, becoming the official sock sponsor of the NBA and MLB, a clear indication of its status. The brand has produced some knockout collaborations recently, with the likes of Disney, Rihanna and the Trap God himself Gucci Mane all being tapped to produce their own take on STANCE’s high-quality socks. Arguably the most prominent collaboration of late, though, is with the blockbuster franchise Star Wars, a film series acclaimed all over the world and loved by people of all ages (thanks in part to the recent The Force Awakens film, which introduced the franchise to a new uninitiated generation). For AW16, the Star Wars and STANCE partnership has been resumed, and they’ve gone above and beyond to provide us with socks that can only be described as collector’s items!


While the focus is currently of course on the Force Awakens and Rogue One films, STANCE hasn’t left out the films that started it all. On the left above we have the A New Hope pack, featuring three different pairs of STANCE socks. One depicts Luke in the pilot costume that he wore throughout much of the film, including in the iconic final scenes in which the Death Star is exploded. In a bright orange colour, the socks actually serve as a great autumnal colour also! The second features a very muted palette, showing a Tie-Fighter like those that Luke came up against in the final space battle. Coming essentially in triple black, its an ideal sock if you need to keep it low-key on certain occasions. The last sock in the pack features R2-D2, one of the most loveable characters Star Wars ever produced. Every detail of the cheeky robot is displayed perfectly, thanks to the attention to detail that is a hallmark of STANCE’s output. The pack on the right above represents the second film of the original trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back. Much of the film is based in Hoth, and to commemorate that, we see one pair of socks featuring Luke in his winterised Rebel gear, one featuring the vicious Wampa, and one featuring the Snow Trooper that invaded the Rebels’ Hoth base. All of the socks in both packs feature a terry loop construction in the forefoot, heel and toe, to provide cushioning and improve comfort. Arch support is also included, and the seamless toe closure means the socks will last much longer than your average pair. We’ve also got a variety of other three-packs from the collaboration, which can be found here!


Next up, we have the six-pack offerings that are the beginning of the real collector’s-level items. The two packs have been categorised into Light Side and Dark Side, meaning we see six of our favourite good guys and six of the most hated bad guys from the original trilogy. On the lighter side of things, we see return appearances from Luke in his pilot suit and R2-D2, and welcome debuts from Obi-Wan, Yoda, Chewbacca and Han Solo (even if he is in his carbonite state!). The diverse colour palette across the six pairs means you can match the socks to your outfits with ease – colour scheme and a statement piece in your outfit being taken care of by a pair of socks? What more could you want! A dual Star Wars/STANCE-branded white box completes the pack, featuring a detailed print inside of the fighter jet Luke flew in and letting you store the socks nicely. The Dark Side pack follows the same style, depicting the Tie-Fighter we’ve already seen as well as a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Tarkin and an Imperial Guard. They come in a black box which features an inside print of the Death Star and a Tie-Fighter jet, again providing ideal storage for the socks and making them a real collector’s item. Again, all of the socks feature a terry loopback construction in the forefoot, heel and toe to provide great cushioning and comfort, with the latter two areas being reinforced to make the socks more durable overall. Arch support has also been incorporated to make the socks beneficial for just about everyone!

THE FORCE 2 (12PK GIFT BOX_2)-min-min THE FORCE 2 (12PK GIFT BOX_1)-min-min

Now for the real limited edition piece, the collector’s item to end all collector’s items – the 12-pack. The six-packs were a treat, but STANCE has gone all out this time and produced a crazy pack of twelve socks (and also thrown in a mystery pair) that showcase some new faces from the classic films and some that we’ve already seen. Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian and C3PO all make their first appearance looking as great as ever, and some of the most iconic characters like Luke, Yoda and Vader all return along with a few others to complete what is a really special product from STANCE and Star Wars. You’ll have to buy the pack to find out what the thirteenth pair is (it’s not a trap!).

All of the socks pictured above can be found on our website by clicking on their respective images, and they are also available in our Colchester and Ipswich stores. They’re incredibly limited though, so act fast to grab a piece of history!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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