Wayward Opens with One of the Best Debut Collections we’ve Seen

March 6, 2017 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

There’s very few skate brands out there who will have their debut clothing collection covered on both Dazed and Hypebeast, but that honour has been bestowed on Wayward Skateboards – and for very good reason. The brand originates from the Palace Wayward Boys Choir, the team responsible for Palace Skateboards which has gone on to take the world by storm, and that’s part of the reason we’re not the only ones so excited about what is to come. The opening collection from the London-based label, headed up by cult UK skater Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch and general creatives Jethro Haynes and James Edson, is one of the cleanest and highest-quality opening collections we’ve ever seen. If it’s a sign of what is to come, we’re just going to say it – this really could be the next Palace.


There’s just the one hoodie in the debut collection, but that’s not an issue at all because it’s so damn good. A 480GSM cotton construction is every bit as thick and high quality as it sounds, with a soft lining maximising comfort and offering good breathability. The wrists and waist are tightly ribbed to provide a more streamlined fit, something that you’ll benefit from when skating, and the hood is adjustable via a drawstring. Wayward’s clean text logo and minimal W logo have been screen printed on the left sleeve and chest respectively, both coming in white to create a versatile monochromatic colourway. You probably won’t find another hoodie with this level of quality, and we can’t believe that this is the first hoodie the brand has made.


The two long sleeve t-shirts in the new collection follow the same style as the hoodie before them. Quality is outstanding, with a 190GSM cotton construction offering a high level of soft comfort and a relaxed fit. The wrists have been ribbed to stop them flapping about when you’re skating or just generally on the move, and the neckline is ribbed to reduce friction. Down the left sleeve we see Wayward’s text logo screen printed on, coming in white on the black t-shirt and black on the white t-shirt, as do the W logos on the chests of both. Again, nice and simple, with quality and versatility highly prioritised.


Yep, you guessed it – the short sleeve t-shirts are just as high quality as the long sleeves before them. Featuring 190GSM cotton constructions, both are remarkably soft and comfy, again offering a nice relaxed fit. The ribbed necklines and screened neck labels significantly reduce friction to enhance comfort even further, and both t-shirts feature intriguing graphics screen printed on the front. On the left above, the Pablogo T-Shirt features a greyscale mugshot of Pablo Escobar (very on-trend right now given the popularity of Narcos) with a twist – Wayward’s black-on-white text logo covers his eyes. The Opium T-Shirt on the left has a great story to it – James Edson ran the Wayward Gallery in London for a number of years, and this graphic was featured on t-shirts as the gallery’s signature merchandise. It’s been tweaked to feature Wayward text along the bottom in the brand’s new font as opposed to a Disney-style font, and we love it all the same.


The decks in the new collection are very solid too, offering something for everyone. There’s three sizes to choose from, 8″, 8.25″ and 8.5″, and three sweet graphics – two quite loud and one more subtle. On the left above we have the more basic Lowgo deck, featuring Wayward’s awesome jagged W logo in white on a black deck. On the right above we have the Insect deck, featuring a vivid blown-up, quartered and mirrored version of Jethro’s underwater photography. As you can tell, attention to detail is everything to these guys – in their own words, they want something that is “a bit more left field” than anything they’ve done before, but at the same time “f****ng solid, as well. Aesthetically and in every way.” This first collection is certainly all of the aforementioned and a fair bit more. We can’t remember the last time we were this excited about a UK skate brand.

Everything pictured above can be found on our website by clicking on their respective image above. You can shop the full Wayward debut collection online here, or get an in-hand feel for it at our Colchester and Ipswich stores.

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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