STANCE Looks to Rap’s Heyday with the Anthem Collection

May 3, 2017 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

Often heralded as the golden age of hip-hop, the ’80s and ’90s saw a host of rappers emerge that would go on to be regarded as some of the best to ever pic up a mic. STANCE, always with its finger firmly on the pulse, has decided to immortalise many icons of said time period on its famed socks, covering all your accessory needs for the summer ahead.


One of the two rappers that always comes up in GOAT debates is the late Biggie Smalls, or Notorious B.I.G as he was later known. He received three sock designs this season, two of which are pictured above – the third sold out in two days! The first of the two is an adaptation of a classic portrait photo of Biggie for a Rolling Stone magazine cover, with him stood against a red backdrop and sitting a tilted crown on his head. The second bears another classic photo placed on the calves and ankle areas, Biggie in his wavy knitted sweatshirt and navy flat cap, and a Coogi-style pattern running down the feet to the red toe areas. Both nice and bright for the summer.


The second of the two rappers frequently appearing in the GOAT debate is Tupac Shakur, who also has been given two sock designs. On the left above we see him flashing all his tattoos with an icy chain and nose/ear piercings to match, plus an additional bandana wrapped around his head (a lovely little accessory). The monochromatic second pair on the right above feature a greyscale photo of 2Pac around the ankle and calf, and a bandana pattern on the feet paying tribute to the West Coast legend’s favourite headwear item. You’ve got one more vivid and one more subtle option on this occasion.


Two more exemplary entities from years gone by are A Tribe Called Quest and Public Enemy. The former have received two sock designs this season, with one selling out on the first day of release! The second design, pictured on the left above, depicts two members on the back and front of each calf, and A Tribe Called Quest across the two feet in the classic Jamaican red/yellow/green combination. The Public Enemy socks are a bit more toned down, featuring an all-over print of Public Enemy text and the ubiquitous crosshairs logo in black and white. Ideal for those of you after something a little more subtle.


The last of the Anthem Collection is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest sitcoms ever that catapulted rapper/actor Will Smith to worldwide fame – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The socks on the left above feature the stylised text logo of the show on the calf, with a yellow-and-green-striped forefoot harking back to the t-shirt Will wore in the first ever episode. The slightly bolder alternative on the right above features a full graphic of Will with his tight ‘fro and half-buttoned dungarees, looking cheeky as ever. With that sitting on a yellow backdrop, these socks really radiate summer.

The prints are of course exceptional, but you’ll be happy to know the quality of the socks matches up to the graphics. You’re getting an athletic ribbed cotton or pique construction with all of them, giving them a considerable amount of both stretch and softness. Arch support has been added to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, and durability has been enhanced by making the toe closure seamless. All of the socks come in a STANCE size L, meaning they’ll fit from a UK 8 to 11, but if you’re a 7 or 12, you’ll definitely still get away with a nice fit.

You can find the Anthem Collection online by clicking on the images above, or get a feel for them in-hand at our Colchester store.

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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