Swedish Grace meets French Class with the Polar x Tres Bien Collection

September 4, 2017 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

Tres Bien may not be the most recognisable of menswear store names in the world, but it has successfully managed to carve out a niche in the market, fusing menswear with tasteful skate brands to great effect. Its in-house line of apparel has experienced great success, and for Fall ’17, we see the store team up with Polar Skate Co. to produce a variety of clothing and skateboard decks.

Tres-Bien-Polar_14_600x600 Tres-Bien-Polar_28_600x600

The heavier pieces in the collection are most definitely the standouts, on the left above we have the Cropped Blouson Velveteen Jacket in Navy, and on the right we have the Alv Doodle Hoodie in Plum. The jacket is simply incredible; a lovely cropped fit with straight sleeves and a smart collar create a really refined style. Made from a delicate suede and featuring a premium brown lining, the minimal style of the jacket is capped off with an embroidered Polar Stroke logo on the left of the chest in a tonal navy. Quite possibly the classiest jacket we’ve ever had here at Attitude.

Polar carries on its trend for picking out quality colours for its hoodies with the one above. The Plum colour is something we’ve not seen before, and is perfect as we approach the autumn. Created using a mix of polyester and cotton, the hoodie definitely features the high level of quality we’d expect from Tres Bien, and has been adorned with one of Pontus Alv’s signature doodles on the back. In classic Polar style, there’s also a Default text logo on the chest, embroidered in white – a lovely finishing touch.

Tres-Bien-Polar_19_600x600 Tres-Bien-Polar_32_600x600

Two of the more summer-ready items are the Tourist Shirt, which comes in Grey, and the Mock Neck Stripe Longsleeve, which comes in bold shades of Orange. The shirt has been made using cotton, offering very high quality overall and a lovely jacquard pattern that oozes class. A lovely boxy cut ensures a roomy fit for breathability and comfort, so overall, a very premium item that can be a perfect staple item in your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for something from this collab that stands out, the Mock Neck Longsleeve is what you’re looking for. Vibrant shades of orange run horizontally across the body and arms of the cotton t-shirt, and the mock neck and wrist cuffs come in a contrasting but complementary deep orange. Matching the minimal approach that is present throughout the collab, Polar’s Stroke logo has been embroidered on the chest in orange, just enough to be seen without detracting from the colourway.

Tres-Bien-Polar_Deck-8.25_107_600x600 Tres-Bien-Polar_35_600x600

This Dane Doodle is a recurring theme in the collab, visible here on the Dane Deck on the left and the White Dane T-Shirt on the right. The deck is one of three colour options you get, all featuring the same Dane graphic but different sizes and shapes. All have been made using Canadian maple wood, so you’re getting the same high quality Polar deck that you’d expect, with the added bonus of Tres Bien’s style input.

The t-shirt has been cut exclusively from cotton, with a standard fit suitable for just about everyone. The neck has been ribbed for improved comfort, and the sleeves are nice and relaxed. On the back, the Dane-designed logo has been screen printed in black with accompanying Tres Bien text, and finally, Polar’s Default logo features on the chest, embroidered in black.

Everything above and more can be found online here at Attitude, as well as in our Colchester store. Don’t give it long before pieces start to sell out, though, particularly the heavier layers as we approach the Fall!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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