FA Goes Back to Basics for Spring ’18

January 5, 2018 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

The last few collections from LA-based Fucking Awesome have ventured into more uncharted territory than the brand is used to, with lots of new graphics and prints. For Spring ’18, though, FA has reverted back to using the staple logos that made it a household name, whilst also adding a few tweaks to keep things interesting. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of a collab with the legendary Independent Trucks!

Plastic_Woman_Tee_Blue_1024x1024 Battlefield_Tee_White_1024x1024

The two standout t-shirts in the latest collection come in Aqua Blue and White – first up we have the Plastic Woman T-Shirt, and secondly the Battlefield T-Shirt (you’ll see more of this great graphic later). The Plastic Woman T-Shirt, on the left above, sees FA’s signature text logo come with a silver foil appearance and red outline, and a quirky depiction of a toy female popping out through the centre. If the blue colourway is a bit too bold for you, there are more subtle Black and White versions as well.

The Battlefield T-Shirt, on the right above, again utilises FA’s iconic text logo. On this occasion, a multitude of retro images with a comic strip appearance to them have been splashed across the text, leaving the latter only identifiable by its jagged shape. The variety of colours contrast well against the plain white backdrop, and the same can be said for the other versions of this t-shirt – we’re also getting Black, Gold and Dusty Brown versions.

Weird_Tee_Dill_Green_1024x1024 Hands_Tee_Pink_1024x1024

The third and fourth t-shirts of the drop are the Weird Out There Tee and the Fingers Tee, which come in Dill Green and Pale Pink respectively. With the Weird Out There Tee, FA have again used their text logo, this time in plain black on a white card being held by two hands, which also come in white. Thanks to the very simple styling and basic colours, this tee will match up perfectly with just about everything in your wardrobe. If the Dill Green colourway doesn’t take your fancy, there’s also an Aquatic Blue colourway that you may prefer.

The Fingers Tee is the most original of the lot, featuring a new graphic showing greyscale hands crossing over each other and mirrored Fucking Awesome text below it in Black. FA definitely picked the right graphic to place on the only Pale Pink-coloured t-shirt in the collection, and again, if this pink colourway isn’t your favourite, there’s an even more subtle White version you may prefer.

Battlefield_Hoodie_Royal_1024x1024 Battlefield_Hoodie_Black_1024x1024

Evidently the Battlefield graphic is the one FA is backing the most this season – it also appears on Black and Blue hoodies this season. Both feature FA’s signature heavyweight blend of cotton and polyester, giving you a thick and fleece-lined hoodie that will certainly keep you warm throughout the winter months. The Battlefield graphic has been screen printed on the chest of both hoodies, standing out very nicely on the Black hoodie in particular.

Web_dill_1024x1024 web_religious_1_1024x1024

The decks in the latest drop are somehow an improvement on the last drop, which contained some absolute gems. FA has brought Dill’s class photo (wouldn’t believe it was him with that hair, would you?) with the Breakthru logo incorporated too, in the centre of his face. This deck comes in a very reasonable 8.18″ size, one that is suitable for many a skater and a good starting point if you’re just getting started.

FA loves a good hologram on a board too, with previous versions featuring Dill/the Twin Towers and Tyshawn/his dog being instant sellouts here at Attitude. You can likely add the latest FA hologram board to that sellout list, because this time, we’ve got a gold board that shows Jesus and Mary. Worthy of being hung on your wall like an art piece, let alone being skated!

FA_In_Hostage_Longsleeve_Back_White_1024x1024 FA_In_Fucking_Hot_Hoodie_Black_1024x1024

Last but certainly not least, FA follows on from last summer’s very successful Thrasher collab by teaming up with another skate heavyweight – Independent Trucks. Fucking Awesome definitely harks back to that ’80s and ’90s era of hardcore, gritty skating, and Independent has that same vibe to it having been the number one company for trucks for some time now. The Hostage Long Sleeve T-Shirt on the left above depicts an Independent alarm clock in the middle of a standoff, and the graphic has been designed to perfection with a great level of detail. On the left of the chest, subtle Fucking Awesome text has been added.

The Fucking Hot hood on the right above cleverly utilises Independent and FA logos to create a graphic on the chest reading “Independent, Fucking HOT!” with four Independent Iron Cross logos below it to set it off that bit more. FA’s blanks have been used for the collab, meaning much like the Battlefield hoodie, you’re getting a sweatshirt that will keep you cosy and warm throughout the winter thanks to its thickness and soft fleece lining.

Evidently, there’s a lot to look forward to when this collection arrives! It’ll be with us here at Attitude next week, keep an eye on our social media accounts for more info on the release. One thing’s for certain, with this many Text Logos, it won’t hang around for long – so get those post notifications turned on for our Instagram!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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