Yardsale’s Second Winter Drop is even Better than the First

January 31, 2018 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

Yardsale’s stock is increasing with every single drop at the moment – the last collection from the brand almost fully sold out here at Attitude after only a week. That last collection was a particularly amazing one, but somehow, our dearest London skate label has managed to outdo itself only three weeks removed from the last drop. Winter Part 2 is arriving here at Attitude in a matter of days, and it really has to be seen to be believed!

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The Alaska Jacket takes centre stage as far as outerwear goes in this collection, coming in three gorgeous colourways. Two of the three are pictured above, with Stone Blue on the left and Snow White on the right. You’re getting a tough and water-resistant cotton poly blend exterior shell, sure to keep you dry, and a thick fleece lining for great warmth throughout the remainder of the winter. Yardsale text is embroidered on the left of the chest, in white on the blue jacket and in blue on the white jacket, and Yardsale’s Diamond logo with accompanying text also appears on the back, again fully embroidered. Ribbing at the waist and wrists ensures a snug fit, and the collar can be folded down or zipped up depending on your preference. Finally, storage is maximised by exterior zip pockets and a handy interior one too. There’s also a black/red version of this jacket arriving.

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January_drops_0050_5_b88b6664-12a7-457c-a188-a81142038f1e_1024x1024@2x January_drops_0042_13_d91f8609-a59d-4c80-8c36-edae1264d626_1024x1024@2x

On to the standout items in the collection, here we have the Black Waverunner Tracksuit Top and bottoms to match, featuring a white stripe and red trim, and the Salamander variation, featuring a blue stripe and white trim. Both the tops and bottoms have been made using a blend of cotton and polyester, creating a canvas-like material that offers great wind and rain resistance. The clothes are by no means rigid, though, and offer a relaxed fit to ensure great freedom of movement. There’s elasticated cuffs at the wrists and waist of the jacket and waist and ankles of the bottoms for a streamlined fit that makes skating in these much easier, and Yardsale text is embroidered below the left pocket on the joggers and on the chest and back of the track jacket.

January_drops_0000s_0005__MG_8210_4412398b-76c3-4ffc-954a-91ecc32e327b_1024x1024@2x January_drops_0020_35_1024x1024@2xThe standouts in terms of versatile tops are the Red/Blue Stripe Quarterzip, on the left above, and the Pink Script Hoodie, on the right above. Yardsale has a track record of knocking out  top-notch quarter zips, and this season is no different, with the above featuring a YKK zip and raglan sleeve design for a comfortable and non-restrictive fit. A deep navy-coloured band wraps around the left and right shoulders, contrasting strongly against the red backdrop, and Yardsale branding comes via a subtle embroidered white logo on the chest. If red is a bit much for you, there’s a black version of this item arriving too, with brighter blue bands on the sleeves. The Script Logo is one that always crops up in Yardsale’s collections, and this time it appears in a lovely navy on the pink hoodie above. A purple outline has been added to make it look that bit sharper against the pink base. Aside from that, the hoodie is nice and simple, with ribbed wrists and waist to ensure a secure fit, and a drawstring-adjustable hood that can be tailored to a fit of your preference.

January_drops_0000s_0013_Layer_6_1024x1024@2x January_drops_0000s_0011_Layer_7_f95839ca-9ced-4700-af4e-9f6208e9acc3_1024x1024@2x The Sunscript logo plays a starring role in this collection, appearing on the Black and Grey Longsleeve T-Shirts on the left and right above respectively. The Black iteration is one of the best pieces in the collection (and was the first to sell out on Yardsale’s website), featuring white Yardsale text with a subtle blue outline and an orange-to-white gradient-filled sun behind it. The mix of colours works fantastically, one of the best arrangements we’ve seen for a while. The Grey alternative doesn’t disappoint either, with blue Yardsale text featuring a black outline, and a picturesque pink-to-orange gradient-filled sun behind it. Both t-shirts have been made solely from cotton, providing the same high quality, comfy fit that you’re used to from Yardsale by now.

January_drops_0024_31_1024x1024@2x January_drops_0000s_0009_Layer_10_1024x1024@2x

Finally, capping off the collection are a lovely sweatshirt, the Ash Grey Holme-Lacy Crewneck, and a clean short-sleeve tee, the Baby Blue Diamond T-Shirt. The former has been made exclusively from cotton, providing a thick and comfy sweatshirt guaranteed to keep you warm through the remainder of the cold weather. On the chest, Yardsale’s Diamond logo features in red, with a blue outline matching that of the white diamond below it. The text has been embroidered so well it looks like felt in pictures! The light blue t-shirt features a similar approach, with white Yardsale text featuring a subtle strikethrough, and a black diamond below that with a clean orange outline. You’ll certainly notice the branding, but Yardsale has used the outlines on the logos well to keep things subtle and sharp.

Everything pictured above, as well as other colourways and silhouettes, is dropping as part of the second half of Yardsale’s Winter ’18 collection very soon here at Attitude. Keep an eye on our Instagram for more details regarding the release, and make sure those post notifications are turned on. If the last Yardsale collection’s sell-out time is anything to go by, this won’t hang around for long!


Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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