Adidas Celebrates the World Cup with the Skate Copa Collection

May 31, 2018 Alan Lonergan - No Comments

Just like they did four years ago, Adidas Skateboarding has paid homage to the biggest event in its Football sister division’s calendar, the World Cup. The event, being held in Russia this year, is the biggest football occasion in the world, and with adidas’ history rooted deeply in the beautiful game, it makes sense for the Skateboarding division to put its own spin on the proceedings. Serving up eight vibrant jerseys, adidas has succeeded in kicking off World Cup fever.

CE1828_21_model CE1829_21_model (1)

First up we have the jerseys from Brazilian Rodrigo Teixeira and American Miles Silvas. Rodrigo visibly takes inspiration from the past jerseys of his home nation, with the gorgeous blue colour being a standout back at the 2002 World Cup (just think of that Ronaldinho lob against Seaman). Artwork designed by Gonz creates a grid effect all over the jersey, and one of his doodles features in the centre of the chest. Setting things off nicely are the white stripes that wrap over the shoulders, and the ribbed neck which features an added yellow and white trim.

Miles’ jersey has a real retro vibe to it, taking inspiration from Germany’s 1994 home and away kits (Germany had some absolute gems back in the ’90s). A largely black base is offset by a wild pattern around the neck and shoulders, with jagged shapes in red, white and sky blue all overlaying each other. A lovely addition to this jersey is the slightly thicker collar, which features clean white “adidas” text. Finally, an adidas Trefoil features on the right of the chest, and a Gonz-designed foil logo ever-present in this collection has been placed on the left of the chest.

CE1834_21_model (1) CE1832_21_model (1)

Next up we have the offerings from our very own Blondey McCoy and another USA skater, Tyshawn Jones. Blondey’s top, pictured on the left above, takes a slightly different approach to the rest of them. Instead of developing a standard-style soccer jersey, Blondey’s produced a red drill top, reminiscent of age-old goalkeeper and training kits. A plain colour scheme has been utilised to keep things old-school, with a red backdrop offset only by black “adidas” text and Trefoil on the front and “Blondey 1″ text on the back.

Tyshawn’s jersey is pure class, with an image we’ve seen a lot recently taking centre stage on the lower torso – that of his dog. Woven into the jersey in green, the portrait matches the green stripes that run across the chest and down the sleeves very nicely, and adidas’ Trefoil logo comes in white on the chest. The Gonz-designed logo also appears on the chest, and capping things off are the two-tone neckline and “Ty$hawn 98″ lettering features in white on the back.

CE1830_21_model CV9562_21_model

Another jersey on the more understated side is Marc Johnson’s one, pictured on the right above. Taking strong cues from Lucas Puig’s Spain jersey from two years ago, Marc’s gone for a simple monochrome colour scheme, with a white collar and matching white Three Stripes down the right sleeve adding a nice touch of class. An adidas Trefoil has been placed on the chest, and the Gonz-designed logo present throughout the collection appears on the left of the chest.

Daewon Song has also been honoured with a jersey this time around, and himself and Gonz have done a fantastic job with it. A grey backdrop provides a nice base for the paint-smear graphic on the chest to stand out, along with the Gonz artwork that wraps around the waist. Much like the Rodrigo jersey, adidas’ Three Stripes wrap around the shoulders on this occasion, in tonal grey, silver and blue colours, very in keeping with the rest of the jersey.

Everything pictured above is currently available in our Colchester store, and will be online very shortly. There’s also a Na-Kel jersey and a Gonz jersey coming too, so you’re certainly not short of options. Be sure to act fast if anything catches your eye though, stock is very limited on these!

Author: Alan Lonergan

Author: Alan Lonergan

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