10DEEP Streetwear Clothing

If 10 Deep streetwear seems to give that New York vibe, it's no accident. This line of designer fashions for men was born in New York City and has never lost its identity, even as it has grown to become one of the most influential clothing brands of urban wear in the world. 10 Deep is a brand made for the individual who understands that there is still strength in numbers. 10 Deep tees, caps and tank tops have you looking stylish while still standing out in the crowd.

Since 1995, 10 Deep has reflected the subcultures of skaters, hip hop artists, punk rockers and graffiti artists with designs that look at home on the streets of New York City. The designs are the work of Scott Sasso, a New York native inspired by music and pop culture as well as the personal styles of the modern men that he sees on the streets in his hometown.

Worn by a number of notable artists, including Big Sean, 10 Deep streetwear continues to evolve to remain on the pulse of the latest in urban fashion. Shop the collection here at Attitude Inc to get designs straight from the Big Apple for gents in the UK.