GX1000 is a skate team born out of a love for the VX1000 Sony camera. Widely known as one of the best cameras ever made when it comes to filming action sports, the VX1000 is used to record all of the skate videos that GX1000 make. The team can simply be described as keeping skateboarding raw, with all of their videos centering around difficult, unique spots which are simply ripped to shreds by high octane fliptricks and grinds. Delicacy is not something you'll see in a GX1000 video, and that just makes them all the more appealing. The team have toured the world, with a prominent coverage on Thrasher Magazine, tearing up a variety of places from London and Montreal to Taiwan and Japan. 

Accessories and clothing naturally fell hand in hand with the skateboarding team before long. Accessories came first, with a variety of camera bags and lens cleaners, but by now GX1000 produces coherent collections featuring a variety of hoodies, t-shirts, hats and more.