Cali-based skate brands are certainly in abundance, but RIPNDIP is easily distinguishable from any other. When RIPNDIP was founded by Ryan O’Connor in Orlando, he simply started out by writing RIPNDIP on his own and others boards, and once the name started to grow, he decided to produce some tees. Hype was building fast, and peaked when a RIPNDIP team of virtual nobodies went on a tour of a host of skateparks giving out shirts. From there, the brand moved to LA, and Ryan and his small team still run the brand from LA today.

With Lord Nermal and the Alien leading the way with the majority of RIPNDIP collections, the brand takes pride in producing wild, bold t-shirts and accessories that most wouldn’t dare attempt. Its pop-up stores are works of art in themselves, let alone the actual products they produce. Wacky skatewear is at the heart of RIPNDIP, and it isn’t going to change any time soon.