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Benny Gold Clothing and Accessories

You can't stay young forever, but you can live young always. It's all in your attitude. That's the concept behind the Benny Gold brand, a line of streetwear designed to emphasise the importance of staying true to your own passions, ideas, and experiences - the gold inside of you. Benny Gold is a celebrated brand whose creations are especially for men who understand the importance of growing up, without growing old, living life to the fullest and not taking it all too seriously.

The Benny Gold story begins with one man choosing to drop out of working in the corporate rat race to pursue his dreams. After years of working as a designer to bring large businesses' dreams to life in San Francisco, native Benny Gold decided it was time to work on his own dreams, ideas and creative freedom. He left the mainstream work life behind, and began designing t-shirts, baseball caps and accessories for men who wanted to express their individual spirit and make casual dress look cool.

The brand is still continuing to grow, and is now partnering with artists and brands who share the passion and pride behind 'staying gold'.