Chrystie NYC 

Chrystie NYC operates from the Chrystie area of New York City under the guidance of NYC skate photographer Pep Kim and with a great influence from Aaron Herrington, the man setting the world on fire with the CONS and Polar teams. What started out as a sock brand has gone on to bigger and better things in its still-fledgling career, with a distinctive cute and clean style. 

Pep and Aaron would always talk about how no dedicated sock brand has emerged from the East Coast, despite the obvious importance of a footwear item that is key to skating, and generally walking, in comfort. Wanting to fill the gaping hole in the market, Pep put the idea forward with the purposely feminine name Chrystie (referring to the area he knows and loves in New York), and from there it has been a whirlwind of success. With a quality team of riders and a stylish, Bianca-Chandon-like vibe, Chrystie NYC is certainly one to watch.