Converse Footwear

Converse is one of very few brands that can claim to have transcended the industry in which it originally presided to have a revolutionary effect on both mainstream and the counter culture the world over. A constant focus on one particular timeless design, with constant innovation and refinements flanking it, has created an image for Converse as the brand that knows how to provide something for everyone.  

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded by Massachusetts resident Marquis Mills way back in 1908. It quickly took off, and by the time 1927 came around, the company was commissioned to make basketball sneakers for the elite. Retired basketball player Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team in 1923, and set about redesigning the All-Star, refining its look and functionality to perfection. The Chuck Taylor All Star was born, and went on to become the shoe that chartered Converse's rise to prominence and cemented its place in footwear legend.

The Converse CONS skateboarding division has accelerated to the forefront of the skateboarding footwear world thanks to a combination of classic Chuck Taylor style and innovative updates. The CTAS Pro is the direct result of the aforementioned, and along with the One Star Pro is one of the models that heads up each of Converse CONS' seasonal collections. Classic and fresh colourways mixed with classic yet updated style, its easy to see why CONS holds some of the world's best skaters on its roster.