When Blondey parted ways with Palace on the 21st of April 2019, having officially put Thames on hiatus on the 1st of January, with no intention of resurrecting it anytime soon. His wanting to make tee shirts never subsided, and ge had started to do so under my own name. ‘Blondey’ is art merchandise: for every exhibition, there is an accompanying collection of tee shirts that act as editions. ‘Blondey’ the brand, as he  prefer not to call it, was always intended to be a democratisation of his art, and it shall continue to be so. On the other hand, THAMES phase 3 (full name THAMES MMXX) will be in every way a brand, and everything he wants a skateboard company to be.

He always takes comfort in the tendency for things to come full circle, and it was with this in mind that he decided to replicate his old school uniform for the first collection of THAMES MMXX: ‘Boarders’. he should have been at school, but he wasn’t – he was skateboarding every day and as a result, he was asked to leave. Edith Piaf said ‘use your faults’ and he wholeheartedly agree.

THAMES MMXX by Blondey